Link Facebook hits 10 million impressions!

Link Facebook hits 10 million impressions!

Link Facebook hits 10 million impressions!

Link’s Facebook running impressions exceeded 10 million this month with an exact total of 10 520 582 reached on 5 February 2018.

What is a Facebook impression?

It is the number of times Link’s Facebook posts have been seen.

Not too shabby for a total investment of less than the cost of ONE decent size print media advert! Overall, Link has shown over 100 brand, campaign and product posts!!

Some of Link’s pharmacies have been using Facebook very successfully to get their brand and product messaging to their communities. Rock Cottage, Midvaal and Linkhills pharmacies have impressions of 542 002, 261 859 and 456 176 respectively. Talk about dominating the healthcare voice in your own backyards – well done!

Elsa Barnard, Sherpa Director, Link’s brand and communications agency, says:

“Like any media campaign, one needs to select a channel which you believe is most appropriate for your objectives. In this instance, Link wanted to get their brand into the communities, but also wanted the Link brand to do its job in arguably the most important channel today.”

Link’s Facebook followers have grown by 44% since the social media strategy was implemented just over a year ago.

Respond… respond… respond!!

Comments posted on the Link Group Facebook page are well managed with reverts hourly. Most of the posts are sent as messages (i.e. not open to the public) and typically cover:

  • Location of Link stores and opening times;
  • Requests for healthcare advice;
  • The availability of specific medication and prices; and
  • Often, compliments.

“It is very important to respond to posts, preferably within an hour or so. Link has a very good response rate – so much so, that if the response is a little delayed (e.g. after hours or on weekends and public holidays), we get a note from Facebook encouraging us to keep our excellent record intact.”

Sherpa Director, Elsa Barnard, says that there has been the odd customer complaint posted in the public domain, but that these were handled quickly and effectively.

“Both customers and pharmacists are human, so mistakes or misunderstandings happen. We acknowledge the post and take the conversation out of the public eye immediately before alerting the Link Group. In most instances, Link’s Business Development Manager, Ryan Conybeare, will personally contact the pharmacy owner concerned to log the complaint. No judgement is passed, instead a collaborative effort to manage the situation professionally.”

Ryan encourages more Link pharmacies to make the most of this powerful and cost-effective social media platform.

“We have put specialist resources in place to coach and guide our Link pharmacists. With a little bit of effort, you can dominate the healthcare voice in your own community. Just imagine how much more powerful the Link brand could be if we had 100 Link pharmacies using the Facebook platform effectively.”

More recently, Link’s Facebook performance has attracted the attention of some of South Africa’s top manufacturers who are talking to Ryan about working together on Facebook campaigns.

Please contact Ryan if you need help in building your Facebook platform on