Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

We spoke to Wilfred Winnaar about how he experienced the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course.

What was your expectation for the programmes?
My expectation was to broaden my knowledge on waste reduction and saving costs on processes. To become more of an asset to the company as a whole.

What was your experience during the course?
It was an interesting experience, I could manage my time accordingly with each module so that my understanding of the course could be more clearer.

What outcomes stood out for you?
Managing processes and solving problems in a systematic way.

How did you as an individual grow?
My knowledge certainly increased of the processes around me and I became more confident in taking on tasks and managing problems.

Have you implemented what you have learnt?
Yes, definitely. I’ve spotted the areas in my department where we can improve by using the information I gained.

What were the challenges you experienced?
Convincing team mates to join me in implementing strategies in processes.

What did you enjoy most of the course?
The relevance of the information to the tasks that I do and that it was a short course, but the knowledge gained was immense.